Gold Cricula Cocoons (#27-021)

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Quality: 27-021
Content: 100% Cricula Silk
Construction: Lovingly spun by an industrious Cricula silkworm

Price: 5 grams: $7.00
     25g: $$25.00
     250g $180.00
5g is a large handful; see photo.

These cocoons are so very unique. They are not a contained vessel, like the Bombyx  or Tussah cocoons. Instead, they are lacey caps that the silkworm attaches to a tree branch. The beautiful golden colour is the natural colour. It's the sericin that is this colour; the silk is a pale yellow. These cocoons do not spin well. They are at their most beautiful in this natural form. Tip: You can soak your cricula cocoons in water (with a dash of pH neutral soap); reshape them, enhancing their dome shape with your fingers; let them dry. Or iron them flat for use in 2D projects.

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