Bombyx Cocoons (#25-020)

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Quality: 25-020
Content: 100% Bombyx silk cocoon
Construction: spun with great industry by a silkworm
Country of Origin: Japan

Price: 25 cocoons $20.00
Also available in 1kg ($375.00) size. Please send your request on this form. Bombyx cocoons weigh approximately 1 gram each.

These are the real thing. Or the "reel" thing, if you're feeling patient and industrious. These cocoons can be reeled if they've been soaked in hot water first. Reel at least 5 at a time for strength. The unreeled cocoons dye beautifully. Make them into art projects, fabricate them into jewelery, use them to teach kids about the silkworm cycle. Each cocoon contains a dried silkworm pupa. These cocoons are exquisite quality, very consistent, unblemished, and perfect.

Tip: If your cocoon gets dented, it's easy to fix. Soak it in warm water until well wetted. Using a sharp needle, gently pull the dent out. Set aside to dry.