Spin-to-Shawl Kit for Blending Boards (#98-012)

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Item: 98-012
The Spin-to-Shawl Kit: a Blending Board Study

Price $65.00 each

This is about as much fun as we've ever had putting together a spin-project for you!. This is a kit that contains a bunch of wonderful fibres that you can use with your blending board to create all sorts of interesting combinations, and you'll have enough to knit a fabulous shawl!

Some of the fibres are undyed:
- Merino in Ecru and Grey: 50g of each
- Gotland Wool from a farm on Salt Spring Island in BC (SO gorgeous! a beautiful dark grey mix fibre): 50g

Others are dyed using Natural Dyes. There's a Blue group (Indigo+Logwood), a Buttery group (Marigold+Cutch+Iron), and a Magenta group (Brazilwood+Cochineal+Lac). These include:
- 100% Bombyx Silk: 15g
- 100% Eri Silk: 15g
- 50% Silk 50% Wool: 15g
- 100% Silk Mawata: 15g

The kit also includes some thrums and a cocoon for embellishment. This kit is all about blending, having fun, and creating your own look!

Undyed wools make a great backdrop for Nature-Dyed Silks. Each kit contains enough wool and a selection of nature dyed silks and silk/wool blends to spin and knit a shawl. If you're new to working with a blending board, check out Ashford's video (link below). There are also links to 2 videos we've put together to help you get started.
See Ashford's Blending Board instructional video

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