SILKbox, a boxful of creative possibilities (#95-010)

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Item: 95-010 
Contents: ????? A bunch of heavenly things, mostly silk
Construction: Lots of different things...
Suggested epi, gauge, needle size: We're not going to suggest anything here. The whole point is that you tap into your creative mind.

Price: $75.00
SILKbox for June 2021!

Have you found that you're in a bit of a creative rut? We've found that sometimes an effective way of shoveling ourselves out of those ruts is to challenge ourselves with new materials. 

Become a Silk Adventurer! At Sanjo we have a large range of yarns and fibres. Some we’ve carried for decades. Others are more fleeting, and sometimes we can only source small amounts. SILKbox is a way for us to share some of these treasures with you. Whether they’re rare finds of limited supply or some of our regular items, this box offers you an opportunity to experiment, test, share and explore. And every SILKbox contains a greater value than the $75 price.

Jump in and have a Silk Adventure. There will be a new SILKbox every 3 months! (Mar, June, Sept, Dec) Once this one is replaced with a new one, this one will be gone forever, so don't miss out!