Qiviut Spin Kit (#98-014)

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Item: 98-014

Price $89.00 each

Master Spinner Leslie Green has put together 3 mouthwatering spin kits for Sanjo Silk, each one using Qiviut (musk ox fibre).
Qiviut is 8 times warmer than wool for an equivalent weight, and finer than cashmere. And it's outrageously soft! It is a rare and much sought after fibre for textile enthusiasts. Now is your chance to try spinning this amazing fibre, blending it with your choice of one of 3 other fibres - Silk/Wool, Peduncle Silk, or Golden Muga Silk

Your kit contains approximately 35g of each fibre, for a total of 70g. This is enough to spin yarn for a small project (e.g. hat, fingerless gloves)
It also includes an information sheet with all kinds of information and spinning tips. 

Qiviut + Peduncle Silk (Sanjo spin fibre #42-025)
Qiviut + Golden Muga (Sanjo spin fibre #42-022)
Qiviut + Bombyx Silk/Merino Wool (Sanjo spin fibre #10-010)