60/2 Muga Silk (#41-026)

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Quality: 41-026
Content: 100% Golden Muga Silk
Construction: 60/2
Units: skein sizes vary, but are approximately 85-110g
Metres/kg: 30000
Yards/lb: 13980
Suggested epi: 40
Knitting: too fine to knit
Country of origin: India

Price: $23.00 per 100g skein
The mill winds this yarn into skeins, and they vary in size from about 85 to 110grams. Because of this, you will need to contact us with your requirements so we can come as close as possible with the skein sizes we have. Please contact us using this form with your requirements.

Spun from lovely Muga silk, this yarn is fine, lustrous and ethereally lovely. The natural golden colour makes a beautiful fabric with a soft, luxe drape. It is suitable for both warp and weft.
Note: When winding this yarn onto bobbins or spools, turn your swift so it rotates like a bicycle wheel rather than a record player. This way the yarn won't slip off.